The Brazilian Association of Sensory and Consumer Sciences is a non-profit association created with the purpose of contributing to the progress of Sensory and Consumer Sciences in Brazil, promoting meetings, symposia and discussions.


To contribute to the growth of Sensory and Consumer Sciences by providing opportunities for cooperation, expansion of knowledge and exchange of experiences between the different areas of expertise.


To be a reference for the development of professionals working in the Sensory and Consumer Sciences area.


Ethics, cooperation, transparency and commitment to people and the environment.


ABCSC's board of directors is composed of professionals who work in the Sensory and Consumer Sciences area. The Board of Directors, elected by a triennial assembly, acts voluntarily to develop the mission and proposed objectives. 2021/2024 Management

Tatiane Godoy Ribeiro


Founder of SensoryLab, where she works as a digital content creator, consultant and teacher of Sensory Analysis in Practice training. She has more than 10 years of career in the field in research institutes, the food ingredients industry and the cosmetics industry.

Iara Regina Lopes Braúna

1° Vice-President

Food Engineer, with over 10 years of experience leading projects in sensory analysis for the most diverse segments: home care, personal care, food and beverage, wall paints, etc.

Camila Argenta Fante

2° Vice-President

Pharmacist, PhD in Food Science and Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy at UFMG, she works in the area of Food Technology and teaches Sensory Analysis courses for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Lucíla Vicari

1° Director of Communication and Outreach

Food Chemist, with over 15 years of experience in sensory analysis projects for product research and development (R&D), innovation, marketing, quality control and process in the ingredients, food and beverage industries.

Elaine Berges da Silva

2° Director of Communication and Outreach

Food Engineer, Master and PhD in Food Technology. She has R&D and Sensory Shelf Life experience in the Food Industry. Professor in the postgraduate course in Sensory Sciences and Consumer Studies, in the Sensory Marketing module.

Hellen Dea Barros Maluly

1° Financial Director

Pharmacist and PhD in Food Science, she performs technical consultancy for the Additives, Ingredients and Beverages Industry, in addition to teaching Chemistry and Sensory Analysis of Food, focusing on Physiology of the Senses.

Mirella de Abreu Stein Inada

2° Financial Director

Food Scientist specialized in Marketing and Perfumery. Responsible for managing sensory and consumer science projects in the home & personal care industry. She has 8 years of experience, having worked in several segments: food, beverages, perfumery and cosmetics.

Juliana Teixeira Bueno

Executive Director

Pharmacist, specialist in consumer science, with more than 12 years of experience in the sensory and consumer studies area, in national and global companies, in various segments: research, cosmetics, food, beverage and animal protein industry.

Márcia Arocha Gularte

1° Scientific Director

PhD in Food Science, professor at the Federal University of Pelotas and level 2 CNPq researcher. Professor of Sensory Analysis for undergraduate and graduate courses, with emphasis on fast versus traditional methods, shelf life, R&D and Quality control.

Ana Carla Marques Pinheiro

2° Scientific Director

Professor at the Federal University of Lavras and level 2 CNPq researcher. She teaches courses and develops research on topics related to sensory science and consumer studies.


ABCSC - Brazilian Association of Sensory and Consumer Sciences, formerly ABCS - Brazilian Association of Sensory Sciences (both Portuguese acronyms) - was created in 2008 with the purpose of contributing to scientific progress through meetings, symposia and discussions on the importance of science that involves the five senses in our everyday life.

Among the events promoted by the institution, the VI Ibero-American Symposium on Sensory Analysis – SENSIBER (held in São Paulo in 2010) and the 10th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, held in Rio de Janeiro in 2013, stand out.

In 2016, activities resumed and, in 2019, the association organized the I Latin American Congress of Sensory and Consumer Sciences - SenseLatam 2020 held in online format.

SenseLatam 2020 was inspired by Sensiber (1996-2010) and other international scientific events such as Pangborn, Sensometrics, EuroSense and SenseAsia, with the purpose of bringing together researchers and professionals from Latin America and having the support of the network of Latin American researchers / LATAM Network.

In 2021, ABCS changed its name to ABCSC, also reflecting the evolution of sensory sciences over the last few years. Now ABCSC counts on the sensorial community in Brazil and in the world to make our science even stronger.

Video presented at the opening of SENSIBER that briefly tells the history of ABCSC and pays homage to the pioneers of sensory analysis in Brazil


Board 2019 / 2021

  • President: Hellen Dea Barros Maluly 
  • Vice-President: Tatiane Godoy Ribeiro
  • 1st Secretary: Maria Teresa Esteves Lopes Galvão
  • 2nd Secretary: Iara Regina Lopes Braúna
  • 1st Treasurer: Sérgio Marcos Del Bianchi
  • 2nd Treasurer: Selma de Freitas Bergara
  • 2nd Treasurer:  Rosa Maria da Cunha Canto Friedlander
  • Executive Director: Márcia Arocha Gularte
  • Scientific Director: Regina Lúcia Firmento de Noronha
  • Adjunct Scientific Director: Lucíla Vicari

Board 2016 / 2019

  • President: Silvia Deboni Dutcosky
  • 1st Vice-President: Patrícia Bonat Pianovski Gonçalves
  • 2nd Vice-President: Patrícia Yuasa Niizu
  • 1st Secretary:  Maria Teresa Esteves Lopes Galvão
  • 2nd Secretary: Sérgio Marcos Del Bianchi
  • 1st Treasurer:  Camila Paes Pereira Pedroso de Carvalho
  • 2nd Treasurer:  Rosa Maria da Cunha Canto Friedlander
  • Executive Director: Juliana Teixeira Bueno
  • Scientific Director: Valéria Maria Di Mambro 
  • Adjunct Scientific Director: Raquel Claverie de Souza

Board 2008 / 2010

  • President: Claudiney Neto Júnior
  • 1st Vice-President: Inar Alves de Castro
  • 2nd Vice-President: Regina Lúcia Firmento de Noronha
  • 1st Secretary: Rosamaria da Re Freire de Andrade
  • 2nd Secretary: Elaine Cristine Guerra
  • 1st Treasurer: Leonardo Rangel Alves
  • 2nd Treasurer: Lincoln Lucilio Romualdo
  • Executive Director: Patricia Arnostti Nepomuceno
  • Scientific Director: Rosires Deliza
  • Adjunct Scientific Director: Eliete Vaz de Faria

Organization of SenseLatam 2020 at the closing ceremony